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every dog i pet in 2016



throughout 2016 joseph parker okay kept notes on his phone of every time he pet a dog. at the end of the year he fleshed out each note into a journal entry of the day that was centered around petting the dog. he also recorded what phase the moon was in each day because the moon can be tricky and it seems good to keep track of it.

'every dog i pet in 2016' is a 98 page creative nonfiction. Shipping begins October 18.


“The way this book treats each of the many dogs within its pages—big and small, wild and obedient, aggressive and low-key—with tenderness and empathy makes me want to fly Joseph Parker Okay to New York the next time I need a dogsitter. These funny, personal, and sometimes surprisingly tragic journal entries capture the everyday mystery of encounters between humans and animals, as well as the comforts these fleeting relationships can bring in moments (or long periods) of darkness. I trust almost no one to care for my dog in all her wildness, but I trust Joseph and his journal.” – Liz Bowen

“I've always said that poems are just a means of killing time between petting dogs. But with every dog i pet in 2016, Joseph Parker Okay has decided there's no time to waste, writing poems capture the humanity (dog-manity?) of the minutia that holds our small, small lives togethe–wait. I wonder if this book increases your chances of seeing dogs? Probably. I'd get it, just in case.” -Dalton Day, author of Exit, Pursued


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