Etymologizer is my emotions, your emotions, the relationships we make with certain words and the feelings to memories that we infuse in them, like exposures that can be seen right through us

“etymologizer” is a 54 page, 4×6 poetry book
Ships October 31st


“Logan Ellis has changed the game. His debut, Etymologizer, is a surreal and forensic reimaging of a language we thought we knew. Ellis has discovered the secret formula that turns poetry into cinema. The speaker wants you to witness grief on new terms in a newly defined space; /forgery/ I’m safe, I’m safe, the world has built a cave around me. I’m safe, I’m sad.” Katherine Osborne, author of Fire Sign

“Etymologizer is an index of loneliness for a blindfolded mouth. In this dictionary on fire, Logan Ellis creates his own vocabulary for longing, crafting new origins of don't and listen and bitter. Anyone who has ever felt that “sadness too fresh to weep” or the sweet horror of being noticed will re-encounter themselves here in this catalog of fragments that reminds us how language can break our hearts and then heal around the wound.”Traci Brimhall, author of Saudade

“Etymologizer is a dynamic collection that repeatedly highlights the relationship between form and content. Ellis displays a real gift for balancing potentially incongruent impulses; a commitment to experimenting with form with a streak towards describing the particular moment — the tension between both results in an exciting palimpsest sensation while reading the poems. It is the observation, exploration, and acknowledgment of both “the alphabet” and “its own city-filled shadow” that ultimately reward the reader as the unexpected becomes expected and the familiar becomes unfamiliar.” -Junior Clemons


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