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Emoji Death Mask


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The first poetic endeavor by Texan author Johnny Kiosk, Emoji Death Mask is a virtual sequence on the page of sad imagery and long yawns. It is a field guide to 21st century love and life.

If you’ve ever sat alone in your basement online with your eyes peeled towards the screen wishing you could be something more, your emoji death mask is here.


‘Emoji Death Mask’ is a softcover, 4×6 poetry book.

Printed in the USA.

2 reviews for Emoji Death Mask

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Johnny Kiosk

    I wrote this book and I don’t completely hate it.

  2. Trent Isaac

    Best of all, this tiny package of poetry doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hilarious and thought provoking. I dropped one star because of what my wife calls “all the bad words in it” – the few vulgar words in a few of the poems detract from the experience. I loved the style of this book and hope this author writes another.

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