I’m at the grocery store at eight in the morning because I hate being overstimulated. The people, the oversized carts, and the displays all get in the way of my quest to fulfill my basic needs

I head to the produce section because I want to be an ‘it girl.’ I suddenly decide I want to be the type of girl who posts herself on social media going to the gym while holding a mysterious green juice. I gain some dopamine just thinking about it

So I put some spinach and avocados in my cart

I head to the breakfast aisle because I convince myself that coffee is not breakfast. My eyes flutter over the bran cereals before I opt for a chocolate concoction that will double as a snack or dessert. I tell myself I’m economical

So I put the cereal in my cart

I start getting tired of this chore as soon as I eye the meat section. Meat is a big commitment. It’s a core part of a meal. I think of the various dinner possibilities before turning into the frozen food aisle. Everything looks so easy to make. My lower back aches as I study my options

So I put some frozen dinners in my cart

I get excited for the frozen Lo Mein I chose, so I splurge on a bottle of soy sauce that costs eight dollars. I only deserve the best. This will last me forever

So I put the eight dollar soy sauce in my cart

I’m craving Gushers. I haven’t had Gushers since I was a kid

So I put some Gushers in my cart

I start getting a headache from the Celine Dion song blasting through the overhead speakers, so I check out and haul my groceries to my car. I ignore my car’s plea for oil. Once I’m home, I leave my groceries on the counter and decide to order some sushi

So I browse DoorDash for some sushi

Because I’m doing my best                                                                                                                      And I only deserve the best