I can entertain a less than intelligent
And informed conversation
I can start one too
Like I remember one of my first editors for being like hey
Did you just ask this guy what a principal does
And I was like yeah
I didn’t know

Mine isn’t competitive
It’s barely chill pickup
Like hey
Can I play
Employers are all like maybe
Maybe if you get one more person

I go outside like this as a warm-up
Like going outside is one thing
Almost enough
But not quite as much as going out like this
In a white Hanes
Tucked into some Adidas track pants
I feel at times like if I could go outside
And around my neighborhood like this
I could do anything

Street Art
Some of it’s weird
Like this one that just says Joey
But then this one’s really cool
And I think there’s another one over here by the same person
Bc they look similar
When I approached someone I saw working on something next to it like hey
Are you responsible for this one here
They were like huh
And I was like this one here
And they were like wth are you talking about
I just froze
Like are you Joey
Then I was just like nvm
Started walking away real fast before the misunderstanding carried on any further
And like Idk
I just don’t really
To this day I really have no idea why I did that